Namesake launches professional community

Namesake, a startup created by two MySpace executives, announced the formal launch of their professional community at Techcrunch’s Disrupt conference.

Calling itself ‘a community of opportunity,’ Namesake is a job site that aims to match professionals with jobs within their network. It is part LinkedIn, part Facebook, and part Twitter.

Job seekers create a profile on the platform that imports a person’s Twitter and Facebook contacts. The site matches users with the best opportunities available through these connections. Users can route opportunities to people within or outside of their network or post status updates about projects they are working on.

Employers can post jobs, recommend people for opportunities, and connect with people.

Former MySpace employees Dan Gould and Brian Norgard said they created the service because traditional search doesn’t work for professional match making opportunities, and they saw an opportunity to launch a proprietary platform that would do just that.

Namesake makes its money through performance matching, or when people pay if the match was consummated on NameSake, premium subscriptions and premium advertising.

So why use Namesake if LinkedIn fulfills your networking needs?

Norgard told Techcrunch, “We are wrapping structure around your professional and social network, to route opportunities to Twitter, Facebook and more.”


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