New iPhone app functions as compliance toolkit

WeComply, Inc., a provider of web-based compliance training for corporate employees, has released an iPhone application designed to help employees understand and comply with the multitude of laws and regulations governing today’s workplace.

WeComply’s iComply Toolkit is a collection of compliance and ethics resources for employees throughout the U.S.

The app is free and contains the following tools:

  • iKnow: A primer on the most important compliance and ethics topics.
  • iDeal: A guide to dealing with difficult situations, from natural disasters to unannounced plant inspections.
  • iLearn: A link to online compliance training courses specially developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch (user account required).
  • iCheck: A series of virtual wallet cards containing checklists of essential compliance do’s and don’ts.
  • iGetIt: A link to web-based “tips” on a broad range of compliance and ethics topics.
  • iWhistle: A shortcut to your organization’s e-mail and telephone hotline for blowing the whistle on violations of law and/or policy (whistle included).
  • iWouldaCouldaShoulda: A conjurer of excuses for non-compliant behavior in case the cat gets your tongue.
  • iSpot: A faux Geiger counter that spots and identifies non-compliant behavior in your colleagues and co-workers.

“There are things that employees need to know when they need to know them – not necessarily when they’re sitting at a computer or working near a supervisor,” said David Simon, WeComply’s founder and president. “For example, if a government inspector or law-enforcement officer showed up unexpectedly in your work area and started asking questions, would you know what to do?”

In addition to practical resources, the iComply Toolkit includes some whimsical features that an app owner can enjoy with co-workers. “Anything that gets employees talking with each other about compliance is a big plus for employers,” Simon said.

The app is available at


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