Niche site for contractors launches

A new job site called launched today, calling itself “a unique and highly targeted destination” dedicated solely to contract professionals.

Users will find the site already has around 10,000 new assignments available for perusal. Primarily for job seekers in the UK, the site features employers like UK Power Networks Services and Nomura.

Daily assignment rates are given in pounds and appear to be highly competitive. Some jobs advertised a rate of over 700£ per day.

Sectors featured include oil and gas, telecom, automotive, banking, and finance.

Users can search by location, daily rate and industry from either direct employers or recruiters with only live contracts being displayed.

According to a news release, employers have a variety of options when choosing to post on the site. This includes fully branded mini-sites, homepage featured contracts and keyword sponsorship.

The self-service recruiter site enables employers to post contracts or search the contractor CV database to purchase CVs.


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