PeopleAdmin launches career management tool for HR

PeopleAdmin, a provider of on-demand talent management solutions for higher education, public sector, and non-profit organizations, announced yesterday the release of Position Management, a tool that enables HR professionals to view how an employee’s skills and competencies shape a position’s functions over time.

The Austin-based company said the goal when creating the platform was to provide HR with valuation insight into compensation trends and gaps and resulting impacts to budget.

Other intended consequences of the tool include helping HR navigate organizational changes, intelligently manage compensation, and simplify complex processes, including requests to change classifications, salary recommendations, or job functions.

In case of an audit,  Position Management captures all modifications to positions, including what changed, who changed it, when it was changed and why. This historical archive is built without the significant paper trail associated with unreliable systems of the past. With access to current and historical position information, supervisor and employee position-related questions and requests can be handled with minimal HR intervention.

The tool also provides customizable reports, including budget analysis, compensation banding, organizational structure, benchmark factors, and position change management.

“We are excited to offer Position Management to our customers. It is clear that organizations in the public sector and higher education are required to have significant control and audit ability in their workforce management processes,” said Troy Winskowicz, Vice President of Product Management at PeopleAdmin. “Our Position Management solution helps them maintain accurate and comprehensive position descriptions, driving more targeted recruiting, higher employee retention rates and a more predictable and collaborative evaluation methodology.”


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