PeopleAnswers partners with RadioShack

PeopleAnswers, a provider of next-generation, web-based hiring assessments to help maximize the quality of every hire, reduce turnover and streamline the selection process, announced this week a partnership with Radioshack.

The retailer can now implement talent assessment software for all positions in nearly 5,800 company-operated stores and kiosks as well as corporate offices across the United States and Puerto Rico.

Radioshack attracts approximately one million job candidates per year. The impetus behind the partnership was to enable Radioshack to prescreen, assess and hire job candidates for all positions including sales associates, store and district managers and corporate positions.

PeopleAnswers and Radioshack, which had previously launched a collaboration 18 months ago, will expand the retailer’s use of PeopleAnswers’ tools through a software licensing agreement.

According to their website, behaviorally based Performance Profiles help match job candidates with the position that best corresponds with their existing traits and tendencies. The software is easy to use and establishes a consistent hiring platform across all stores and corporate offices. PeopleAnswers claims to reduce “the hiring process to a few simple steps, allowing managers to focus more on managing stores rather than hiring.”

“In the competitive and fast-paced retail world, employees can be the differentiator,” said Gabriel Goncalves, CEO and president, PeopleAnswers. “By matching people with jobs they’re best suited for, customers receive better service because employees are more satisfied and productive, and RadioShack is able to improve revenues and turnover.”


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