RealMatch secures $4.7 million

RealMatch, a job site powered by Real-Time Job Matching Technology, has secured $4.7 million in second-round funding from Carmel Ventures and Baytech Venture Capital, according to an article published today on Techcrunch.

The money will be used to boost sales and marketing in the U.S.

The job site also scored a big hire. RealMatch promoted a former senior vice president from, Marcel Legrand, to become their new chief executive officer.

Legrand was in several senior positions at Monster, including SVP Product Development and SVP Strategy and Corporate Development.

RealMatch, founded in 2007, uses proprietary job matching technology that replaces keyword matching to produce more effective results. The company claims that given the Real-Time matching technology is more efficient because job seekers don’t have to weed through irrelevant job listings and employers don’t have to page through unqualified resumes.

The service is free and anonymous for job seekers, while employers pay a minimal fee to reveal the identity of a qualified job seeker.

RealMatch also runs an online ad network for employment in partnerships with some 1,200 partner job sites.

  • Naomi November 15, 2010, 8:00 pm

    Remarkable in light of the fact that VCs aren’t giving money easily, especially not job boards. How will this affect the other job matching sites like Jobfox? Real Match must be doing something right. They are obviously impressing some VCs.

  • Mark November 23, 2010, 10:07 pm

    So far the various job matching sites haven’t been any better at matching a candidate to a job then any other job board. In fact matching technology has produced very poor results for the types of engineering hires that I focus on. Perhaps Real Match has come up with better technology and I will certainly look into this further, but I’m skeptical.



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