Blog and merge and Inc. announced a definitive merger agreement today, creating a new US-based company called, LLC. The merged company will provide an integrated platform to facilitate recruiter and HR social networking, knowledge sharing, and delivery of services.

Asked about the domain, Jason Davis, founder and CEO of, remarked “I was approached probably a year ago or so about it,  and as you know I like good brandable domain name names and I knew immediately it would bring a level of legitimacy to what it is I was doing with and all the other brands we are developing for the recruiting industry.  Now we have a real team and a real brand and we can now deliver a heightened level of visibility to the sites we are running and those that we are going to build.”

In today’s press release Davis expands on this a little further, saying “Our new organization is well positioned to take a shot at developing technical solutions to solve various problems that recruiters face.”

Davis will focus on growth, partnerships, and innovation in the new company. will continue developing RecruitingBlogs, and will also launch into a publication and newsletter for HR executives. “We will become the leading resource for reaching HR and Recruiting professionals by bringing together web community with services for the industry,” said Miles Jennings, COO of He will manage business operations and planning as CEO.

Initial Services include the growth of RecruitingBlogs; delivery of;  the delivery of RecruitFest, a recruiting conference in partnership with Monster Worldwide; and continued expansion of  partnership development.  The new company,, LLC will be headquartered in Connecticut and retain offices in Toronto and Rhode Island.


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