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In the last few years resumes have become less static and more interactive, thanks to sites like LinkedIn and VisualCV. The plain, single-spaced, bullet-lined document has been replaced with graphics, colorful pictures, video, and hyperlinks.

Now a startup that launches officially today is taking the interactive resume one step further by aligning it with with social sites like LinkedIn, Foursquare, and Facebook.

Talentag, which was developed by the same team behind social recruiting startup, is a social CV that features the recommendation element of LinkedIn but adds Foursquare-style badges and traditional tags as a fun way of garnering a ‘thumbs up’ from co-workers and friends.

While developing your new interactive resume, Talentag lets you ask professional feedback that builds up your profile. Co-workers and friends can tag you with words or a badge and they can also vouch a particular role you worked on together. The system is based on reciprocity and encourages you to turn around and perform the same duties for your friends and colleagues.

Talentag relies on culling information from your existing social sphere. It pulls as much information from LinkedIn as necessary, and also allows you to log in via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google.

The startup told Techcrunch that they are currently working on a proprietary follow/follower system and further integration with LinkedIn and possibly Twitter to pull in existing contacts but need to first tackle the issue of duplication.

Colleagues and friends can also award each other badges, such as the ‘Best Techie’ badge or the ‘Best Journalist’ badge. You can unlock special badges as you integrate deeper within the service.


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