ResumeSponge, a service that matches job seekers with employers, has launched its beta, the company announced today. The site calls itself a “social career platform to help people achieve success throughout their career and employment initiatives.”

Founded by Solomon Engel, a former associate of a boutique investment bank, ResumeSponge uses attributes often found on social media sites to help users plot out their career profiles along a social graph.

Job seekers can fill out comprehensive ‘people profiles,’ ask for recommendations, use ‘spongemail’ to share work or communicate, upload and display work files, publish their portfolio, and manage connections with employers or colleagues. They can also create videos or use other multimedia to enhance their profile.

Employers can create and manage jobs, peruse profiles, and recommend users. Companies looking for talent can create detailed job listings complete with the usual desired experience and qualifications, but also with additional criteria that can help a potential applicant decide before submitting their resume whether they’ll be successful in the role.

The site likens itself to LinkedIn in that when connections change status, jobs, post something for others to see, or write a recommendation, their connections will be alerted.


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