RoundPegg secures $1.27 million

RoundPegg, a site that claims to use organizational science and clinical psychology to match employers with candidates, has secured $1.27 million in funding, according to tech blog Techcrunch.

The funding was led by Access Venture Partners with Croghan Investments participating.

Roundpegg was started in May 2009 and shares an office with Jive, one of their customers. It is a graduate of the TechStars class of 2010.

The company offers a variety of products and services, all with aim of determining if companies and employees or potential employees are a natural fit. Companies can utilize brief assessments to gauge the ideal match, or they can dive deeper with other services.

For example, one of their products, dubbed “Cultural Gap Analysis,” provides company executives insight into the ‘actual’ global company culture, the sub-culture across teams and/or geographies and how that compares to the company culture, the cultural values held most deeply by top performers.

In addition, Techcrunch reports that RoundPegg offers its matching and communications technology in-house to large companies that want to evaluate how employees are interacting with the company. The enterprise offering “delivers insights into how companies and teams are wired and helps identify similarities and differences in cultural values, personality, and communication styles.”


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