Simply Hired CEO on the future of job growth

Simply Hired, a search engine for jobs, today released its latest job trend data highlighting metropolitan area and sector job growth. Simply Hired CEO and co-founder Gautam Godhwani and Trulia CEO Pete Flint came together for a podcast to discuss current job and home ownership trends and their correlation.

The data shows that many industries are enjoying an uptick in hiring:

  • Transportation up 86 percent
  • Manufacturing up 45 percent
  • Retail up 36 percent
  • Healthcare remains strong at six percent
  • Education remains strong at five percent
  • Construction down 16 percent
  • Real estate down 19 percent

Cities with the largest increases in year-over-year search activity on generally see growth in the number of job openings above 25 percent:

  • Tulsa, OK job growth up 46 percent
  • Louisville, KY job growth up 40 percent
  • Kansas City, MO job growth up 37 percent
  • Rochester, NY job growth up 26 percent

Similarly, cities with the largest decreases in year-over-year search activity on usually have job growth of under 15 percent:

  • Los Angeles, CA job growth up 15 percent
  • Wichita, KS job growth up nine percent
  • Fresno, CA job growth down four percent

“Simply Hired indexes real time data and tracks job openings before they are filled, serving as a leading indicator for job trends,” said Gautam Godhwani, CEO and co-founder of Simply Hired. “Through this data, we have insight into the performance of industries and metro areas across the United States, and by comparing this information against Trulia’s findings we see the correlation between job growth and home ownership.”

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.


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