Job search engine Simply Hired today released the results of its March job trends report on the job market, writing that after months of steady increases, nationwide hiring has returned to pre-recession levels.

According to the survey, job openings increased 4.1 percent from February 2011 and 39.1 percent from March 2010. Five million job listings were posted throughout the month.

While there was a slight decline in transportation hiring (-2.2 percent), travel hiring gained a significant 21.3 percent in March.

The financial services industry posted positive gains, marking 6.1 percent in hiring within the industry, and 40.8 percent in hiring for financial specialists and accountants across all industries.

Healthcare employers led the Top Hiring Companies by Metro, comprising 45 percent of the list; HCA Healthcare was the top employer nationwide, with 20,000+ job openings. While the healthcare industry itself decreased hiring slightly (-0.6 percent), hiring for doctors, nurses, therapists and health techs across all industries grew by 4.2 percent.

Most metro areas posted big hiring gains, particularly in Texas and Michigan: Austin (21.3 percent), Dallas & Fort Worth (9.8 percent), Grand Rapids (11.4 percent) and Detroit (8.3 percent).

Seven of 50 metros posted a decline in job openings for the month, predominantly in Florida and Ohio: Tampa & St. Petersburg (-3.9 percent), Jacksonville (-2.9 percent), Miami & Ft. Lauderdale (-1.7 percent), Orlando (-0.2 percent), Cleveland & Akron (-1.1 percent) and Columbus (-0.9 percent). The seventh metro was Nashville (TN), which declined -0.6 percent in job openings.

“The significant employment gains over the last year make up only a portion of the total jobs lost in the recession,” said Gautam Godhwani, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of “But now that job listings are finally up to their 2007 level, we can begin to talk about real job recovery.”


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