Social Intelligence Corp., a provider of specialized employment screening and monitoring services, launched its Social Intelligence product line on Tuesday. The analytics and services are designed to scour social media for insight into employment and organizational risks.

The services include a candidate screening service called Social Intelligence Hiring and an active monitoring service called Social Intelligence Monitoring,, which allows companies to enforce social media policy and limit their exposure to reputation and legal liability.

“Social media has been the wild west of HR for the last several years; this product launch represents a significant step toward social media screening becoming fully integrated into the HR workflow, complete with best practices that adhere to state and federal employment laws,” said Max Drucker, President and CEO.

The services are a combination of automated and manual processes, and are Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant. Social Intelligence Monitoring uses company defined filters which can be tailored to a company‚Äôs specific culture when evaluating employees’ social media usage.

Social Intelligence Corp. is a subsidiary of Riv Data, a private data company based in Santa Barbara, CA founded by software entrepreneurs and veterans Max Drucker and Geoff Andrews. Riv Data provides human resources, legal, compliance, and risk management organizations the tools, technology, and service to facilitate better hiring decisions and reduce organizational risk.


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