Software testers uncover 700 bugs in top career sites

uTest, a global software testing marketplace, today published the results of its Career Sites Bug Battle competition, in which 500 software professionals dug into top career sites to uncover glitches that may potentially hinder job searches.

The uTesters ranked the job sites based on job search accuracy, ease-of-use, profile management, career resources, fraud protection and more. They found a total of 668 technical, functional and GUI bugs in the web and mobile apps of Monster, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired and Indeed.

Monster bested all the sites by harboring the fewest number of bugs per tester and placed first in almost every category.

In terms of overall bug count, Indeed had the least reported bugs (139), followed by Monster (169), CareerBuilder (171), and then SimplyHired (189). While Monster placed first and Indeed placed last in every survey category, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired were deadlocked in the survey portion of the contest, each receiving favorable rankings in three out of six categories.

More than half of the testers (55%) chose ‘job search accuracy’ (ability to browse relevant jobs by job title, keyword, location, category, etc.) as the most important criteria when evaluating career applications. Topping this category was Monster, which received a top-two box score (those rating it ‘good’ or ‘excellent’) of 65 percent, followed by SimplyHired (62%), CareerBuilder (59%) and Indeed (54%).

Ease of Use was the second most important selection criteria, with 23 percent of respondents choosing it. Career resources (7%), fraud protection (7%), resume/profile management (5%), and aggregation capabilities (3%) received the remaining votes. In addition, when asked if concerned about the privacy and safety of personal information stored on job websites, an overwhelming 82 percent of respondents answered “yes.”

“As of August 2010, there were more than 31 million people unemployed, with the jobless rate holding steady at 9.6 percent,” said uTest VP of Marketing & Community, Matt Johnston. “In the face of the worst job market since the Great Depression, more people are turning to the web to find jobs and job-hunting tips. So uTest put the four leading career sites side-by-side and our testing community again proved its ability to quickly mobilize to provide professional testing coverage and usability feedback from around the world.”


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