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Speedy-jobs has announced the launch of their new job board,

According to a press release, the job board will be powered by Simply Hired’s job-a-matic platform.

Job-a-matic lets publishers and bloggers create a job board. Simply Hired allows users to customize the colors, domain name, job categories, and prices to fit your needs.

Users will also gain access to Simply Hired’s sponsored job listings, and they’ll get paid every time a visitor clicks on a job. Job-a-matic is like free job board software, with no installation and free customer service.

Simply Hired also offer publishers a job widget and other tools to help you promote you job board in other areas of their site.

The Speedy-Jobs platform works by using strategic link-building initiatives designed to increase organic search traffic through long-tail-job-related keyword searches performed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Organic search results should in turn attract job seekers.

“Our latest initiative in the job board space will allow us to gain market share and better serve job seekers in different niches, while we maximize revenue by focusing on link building and SEO to keep our marketing and development costs to an absolute minimum,” said president Alexis Stevens.

For employers to post a job, it will cost them $25 for three months.

Jobs seekers can search for jobs by drilling down to location, job title, company, or job type.

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  • Nick February 21, 2011, 5:58 pm

    What with all this talk about earning money through SEO etc.. Is there not a redirect in place from the non www version to the www version? Just tried it and if there is it’s not working.


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