Hackruiter, a job site brought to you by the guys behind the former video-hiring service HireHive, has launched to match engineering recruiter to engineer to startup.

But what makes this site special, according to a writeup in Techcrunch, is that the founders of the site, Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock and David Albert, are the ones doing the recruiting. Techcrunch claims that while they have covered the war for talent in Silicon Valley many times, “We’ve never covered a startup actually attempting to disrupt the process of engineering recruiting. Until now.”

Instead of using job search technology to match candidates who have uploaded a resume to companies, Nick and Dave, who credit themselves as hackers, can perform “an intelligent job match.”

Both founders have a background in creating software and computer engineering, so they claim to be knowledgeable about all the qualifications it takes to be a great engineer.

The first step, according to the Hackruiter site, is for an engineer to set up a meeting with the “hackers.” Then Dave and Nick will match the engineer with the startup they deem the best for the candidate.

All the jobs available are in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York.

Techcrunch writes, “Despite starting small, Hackruiter is selective about who they will work with and only work with good companies, who provide references for engineers (It’s usually the other way around). While not precluding eventually recruiting for a Google or a Twitter, they are starting with startups because those are the companies they know the best and the ones that most hackers never hear about.”

The Hackcruiters are touring a few major cities, including Boston and New York, in March, to meet people who want to learn about potential opportunities at startups.


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