SuccessFactors taps into the Cloud for analytics

SuccessFactors, a provider of business execution software, yesterday announced a new Calculator in the Cloud service that allows users to pull together analytic mashups with data from its human resources software suite as well as from other SaaS (software as a service) applications, according to an article on

It was also revealed yesterday that SuccessFactors had purchased a Danish business intelligence company called YouCalc, which made the new service possible.

In recent months SuccessFactors has purchased two other companies, Inform and Cubetree, signaling an expansion of the business’s capabilities.

According to the PCWorld article, the new Calculator service will allow users to conduct real-time analysis of their business, including “what-if” scenarios, using a combination of metrics, such as employee satisfaction rates crossed with the current backlog of sales leads.

The technology is in the Cloud, or in-memory, so companies do not have to house the data.

SuccessFactors added that the tools are simple and intuitive, so little to no training is necessary.

A limited release for YouCalc is expected early next year, but the tools won’t be available for some time.

PCWorld said SuccessFactors has already built a number of specialized analytics applications for, Google Apps, SugarCRM and other systems. It can also connect to SQL databases, Web servers, FTP sites and Web services via SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer).


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