For faster deployment of employment screening in the hiring process, TalentWise, a hiring Process Management (HPM) solutions provider, said today it has teamed up with Kenexa to offer pre-integrated screening services.

Clients who use Kenexa’s talent management software will now be able to choose from TalentWise’s bundled screening services, embedded within the Kenexa user interface.

Packages include criminal background checks, paperless drug testing and assessments. TalentWise’s customer service is also included in the deal.

TalentWise is no stranger to Kenexa, as the two have been referring each other to customers for some time now, according to a news release.

“As business needs continuously change, it’s crucial for organizations large and small to efficiently and consistently screen and onboard their workforces. The TalentWise pre-integrated solution helps Kenexa customers reduce risk and increase hiring efficiency by seamlessly incorporating employment screening into Kenexa’s suite of human resources products and services,” said Todd Owens, Chief Operating Officer of TalentWise.

Kenexa’s growing footprint both in America and overseas will boost TalentWise’s own reach. Kenexa has thirty offices in many countries, including Australia, The Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, and England.


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