Talent management solutions provider Taleo said today it has been selected by Skanska, a Swedish-based project development and construction group, to help manage its 52,000 employees.

Skanska will be utilizing Taleo’s recruitment, performance management, goal development, and career and succession planning for its growth initiatives.

“Skanska’s key to success is our skilled people. Implementing a global system for recruitment and Talent Management supports our goal of providing excellent development for our current employees and great opportunities for new talent coming to Skanska,” said Veronica Rorsgard, Senior Vice President for Human Resources at Skanska.

Skanska, founded in 1887, develops offices, homes and public-private partnership projects. The company has amassed thousands of employees in Europe, the US and Latin America. Its revenues last year were SEK 122 billion.

According to a news release, Skanska will be able implementing Taleo’s solutions to align their employees with business objectives and to provide ongoing employee coaching.

“Many businesses have Talent Intelligence gaps which prevent them making the best decisions about their workforce,” commented Adam Brenner, Group Vice President EMEA, of Taleo. “By closing the Talent Intelligence gap, they will be able to recruit, train and retain the best people to drive growth in their business.”


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