Taleo launches Talent

Taleo Corp., a provider of on-demand talent management solutions, today announced the launch of Talent, a website designed ” to educate and empower organizations on how Talent Intelligence enables businesses to grow by having insight into their people.”

Features on the new website include:

  • Multimedia presentations to educate on key human resources issues such as leadership development, building critical pipelines and Talent Mobility
  • Talent Intelligence customer success stories
  • White papers on the value of Talent Intelligence
  • 3rd party research validating importance of how talent relates to growth
  • Expert video testimonials on how Talent Intelligence helps business growth
  • New features added regularly including latest solutions for HR challenges
  • The latest research and findings from Taleo Research.

Viewers of the website will be able to gauge how their customers can benefit from Talent Intelligence. Taleo has pulled testimonials from various clients to demonstrate this notion, including:

  • North Shore Long Island Jewish Health Systems, reduced turnover from 63 percent to 13 percent, improved employee engagement to 98 percent and increased operating profits by $25 million.
  • United Airlines increased talent visibility and retention, and established successors for critical positions.
  • The City of Chicago experienced a 90 percent reduction in time to fill positions and expected annual savings $1.5 million.

“The major challenges organizations face in this continuing war on talent are limited supply of candidates with the right skills, losing top people to competitors, providing attractive career paths, and intelligence to drive effective talent mobility. Companies are recognizing the intelligence gap and the impact critical talent management issues have on business growth,” said Shail Khiyara, Chief Marketing Officer of Taleo. “Talent does an exceptional job of providing the tools and expertise to fill this gap, empowering today’s enterprise to leverage Talent Intelligence and drive growth.”


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