Taleo pays out $3 million to Kenexa

Taleo, a provider of web based candidate screening and recruiting software, has reportedly reached a settlement with one of its biggest competitors, Kenexa.

In a news release published today, Kenexa said that Taleo will shell out $3 million as part of a settlement agreement.

Both parties reached an agreement “that resolves all outstanding litigation.” Anything else still pending will be dismissed without prejudice, the news release stated.

Along with the cash payout, the agreement includes a license of certain Kenexa intellectual property to Taleo and a license of certain Taleo intellectual property to Kenexa.

The lawsuit began in August 2007, when Kenexa filed a suit accusing Taleo Corp. of infringing two patents for data-entry methods using the Internet.

Kenexa contended Taleo was wrongly making and selling products that use inventions patented in 1999 and 2006, according to the suit.

After the lawsuit was announced in the San Jose Mercury News, the Human Capitalist reported that this was not the first time Taleo was called out in court.

Back in 2002, Bernard Hodes Group filed a lawsuit against Taleo for, among other things, breach of contract. Taleo counter-sued and the suit was settled two years later.


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