Taleo shares leap to 52-week high

Taleo Corporation (TLEO), a provider of on-demand talent management solutions, saw its shares jump yesterday to a 52-week high at $27.93, according to

LearningMarkets attributes the jump to investor confidence, writing, “Clearly, investors are enthusiastic about the firm’s prospects.”

Taleo recently publicized several high-profile partnerships and a renovation of its Talent Intelligence platform at their 2010 global user group event.

Just last week, Taleo announced a partnership with Avature, a global provider of recruitment technology and services. Avature joined the Solution Exchange, the online solutions marketplace of Taleo’s Talent Grid, so that Taleo customers could learn more about Avature’s Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) offering.

Taleo’s Talent Grid appears to be attracting lots of buzz. Taleo calls it “the first and only cloud-based community of its kind. . . the Talent Grid harnesses the power of online communities and mass participation in the cloud to provide Taleo customers with superior talent intelligence.”

The Talent Grid was launched a year ago to enable Taleo’s global ecosystem of 4,700 customers, 100 partners and 200 million candidates to connect online to gather the insight on the global talent marketplace, share industry best practices and access third party solutions that can add to the Taleo talent profile.

In a press release discussing Taleo’s global user event, the company’s CEO discussed why he thinks Taleo has enjoyed a year of big gains in 2010.

“The talent management industry is at an inflection point, ready to deliver a ‘closed loop’ of content about the past, present and future potential of an organization’s talent,” said Michael Gregoire, Chairman and CEO of Taleo. “Just as the 80’s delivered ERP for manufacturing, the 90’s delivered financial analytics for CFO’s, and last decade delivered sales force automation to close the customer sales loop; this is the decade for Talent Management. CEO’s recognize that people are their best, appreciating assets. Taleo’s Talent Intelligence delivers a distinct competitive advantage with insight on talent that can inform business growth initiatives.”

  • Robert September 20, 2010, 11:27 pm

    Mind-boggling. Job seekers cringe when they show up to a company site that uses Taleo. Taleo sites lock up, they crash systems, and they are awful for job seeking. Go try one if you doubt this. I seriously don’t get how anyone that truly checks out similar services ends up going with Taleo. Taleo, in my opinion, is why HR gets a bad name, deservedly so.

  • Stephen October 12, 2010, 3:25 am

    In my job search, when I come across a company that uses Taleo, I go right on by to the next company. Awful does not even begin to describe this software. Earlier on, after applying to 5 or 6 companies using this POS program, and enduring the multiple errors, faulty search, faulty hideously inaccurate data importer, and random emails (they send a confirmation email BEFORE you hit the “Submit” button on screen – causing the job-seeker to wonder what exactly was sent to the employer?), and mind-numbing user interface, I decided that any individual job was not worth my sanity.


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