Taleo’s Cytiva acquisition is a done deal

Taleo Corporation, a provider of on-demand talent management solutions, said today its acquisition of Cytiva is complete.

Taleo paid $11 million in Canadian cash for the mid-market provider of on-demand recruiting software solutions.

The company announced its intent to purchase Cytiva back in February.

The impetus behind the acquisition, according to Taleo, was to strengthen its talent management offerings for small and medium-sized businesses.

Taleo says it remains committed to offering its SMB customers a fully optimized talent management suite “to meet the unique needs of this market.”

Cytiva software is used by more than 250 companies throughout North America including Restoration Hardware, Ocean Spray and Mediacom. Cytiva has also been recognized by Bersin and Associates for its candidate and hiring manager user experience.

“We are excited about the opportunity to continue providing Cytiva’s customers with a high level of service and support while bringing them the advantages of Taleo’s full suite of recruiting, performance, succession, compensation, and learning capabilities,” Michael Gregoire, Chairman and CEO of Taleo said after the acquisition was announced. “Through our experienced, dedicated integration team we will ensure that our new customers’ needs are heard and addressed as they leverage all of Taleo’s capabilities to better know their people and drive business results.”

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  • Jeff Henderson April 7, 2011, 12:18 am

    Is there anything that makes a job seeker cringe more than showing up to a site and seeing taleo. I don’t get it. Lazy HR people I guess.


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