Online niche job boards abound for almost every industry, and now the medical marijuana workforce is no exception. last week announced their official launch and will be catering specifically to job seekers looking for sales, reception, budtender positions, or other jobs within the medical marijuana industry.

More states are passing medical marijuana laws and making the plant, whose dried leaves can be an alternative form of relief from physical and mental ailments, legal. The founders of THCJobs launched the site so interested job seekers could find an online venue for this burgeoning occupation.

Founder Greg Olson said, “There are a lot of people who are out work right now and this one of the few areas of the economy that is growing. No pun intended. There are a lot of companies who are looking to hire people, but there was not a single site devoted to employment in this industry. We wanted to create a platform where employers and prospective employees could connect. I think our company mission, which is to connect passionate and talented people with companies and organizations in the marijuana industry, really drives that point home. To many people the marijuana jobs that are listed on our site are their dream jobs.”

The site is free to employers and job seekers, but the company plans on implementing a feature in which companies can feature their jobs for $25.

Olson said, “This is an extremely fair model. We are actually less interested in money than we are getting people back to work.”


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