TheLadders launches Passport

TheLadders, a job board that matches job seekers with $100K+ opportunities, has announced a new feature called TheLadders Passport.

The service will enable recruiters and HR professionals to use TheLadders for free.

In other words, the new solution lets recruiters connect with TheLadders’ community of more than 4 million pre-qualified, $100K+ candidates for free. Users can also tap into the site’s social media platform and other features free of charge.

Employers and recruiters can use the Passport to:

  • Advertise their $100K+ jobs and get the attention of professional-level candidates
  • Cultivate their own network with My Pipelineā„¢, TheLadders’ social recruitment tool, and attract applicants
  • Store, sort and access applicants on TheLadders from a single location to save time

Instead of operating like traditional job sites and charging employers fees for posting jobs and searching for resumes, TheLadders charges job seekers membership fees for different tiers of benefits. A premium membership begins at $35 a month and gives job seekers access to $100K+ jobs that have been “personally screened by a job analyst.”

Along with Passport, theLadders recently launched FitFinder for employers. When a company posts an opportunity on the site, the FitFinder package enables employers to shift the burden of sourcing to talent specialists from theLadders. These specialists will execute a candidate search based on relevant criteria.

While Passport is free, the FitFinder package starts at $699.


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