TheLadders promos new services with TV campaign

TheLadders, a marketplace for professional jobs ($100K+), today announced the launch of a new television commercial campaign designed to complement their recruiting services and showcase how job seekers can improve their image with recruiters.

According to a press release, the new More Attractive spots were created by Fallon Minneapolis and will air nationally on broadcast and cable television networks.

The campaign highlights the benefit professionals receive through TheLadders’ set of tools and resources and presents it through a tongue-in-cheek parody of the high-fashion world.

Actual job seekers who use TheLadders were selected for the TV spots. Nearly 700 members applied to be included.

“Members of TheLadders are extraordinary in so many ways, it seemed the right imagery to bring that out,” said Darren Spiller, Fallon Chief Creative Officer. “While a job search is certainly a serious process, members of TheLadders have the great feeling that comes from knowing they’re well prepared and able to present themselves at their very best.  That positive energy is what TheLadders, and this campaign, delivers.”

In addition to the TV spots, TheLadders is introducing a new suite of services for paying members.

“Starting this January, premium members of TheLadders will be assigned their own Job Search Advisor who will assist them in getting the most out of the site during their job search.” said Alex Douzet, President and co-founder of TheLadders. “Our deep knowledge and insights about what works best for job seekers and recruiters has created an opportunity for us to deliver a job search and recruiting model that delivers success. We’re not only delivering more attractive candidates to recruiters but we’re also creating a more attractive hiring process.”

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  • Robert January 20, 2011, 3:05 am

    I saw the ad. I thought it was a little creepy. Does the world need another overpriced resume service? We redo more CB and Ladders resumes that I’ve sincerely lost count. In terms of a personal search agent, who will surely be pressing them to use their resume and other services, is it really going to help? It’s doubtful. That’s based on several years of HR leadership and recruiting. It may sound like a good idea in theory for a job seeker, but there are huge issues with many candidates and job seekers that an assigned search agent won’t be able to overcome. Once again, there is only so much that anyone can do for an out of work person, especially higher paid people.


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