In April, we reported the sale of Todd Goldstein’s to Internet Brands. Since Todd and I have been talking shop for a couple years now, this seemed like a good opportunity to launch an interview series. As it turns out, Todd has not checked out of the online recruiting business as he recently acquired and still operates

What inspired you to go into the resume business? How does it fit into your career and what does it mean to you personally?

I have been in the recruitment industry for almost 15 years. I have done everything in staffing from working a recruiting desk placing temporary accounting clerks to placing CFO’s of public companies. In the past 5 years I have focused primarily on creating niche job sites.

The opportunity came up to purchase and it fit perfectly with my background. I have made a career looking at resumes. My partner is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and I handle marketing and partnerships. We have been able to provide a quality service at a very reasonable price without gouging job seekers who desperately need to find work in today’s ultra competitive job market.

What does it do for for job seekers/recruiters that’s new?

Our site allows someone who does not have a resume to fill out our easy to use form. Our expert writers then convert that into a well composed and custom tailored resume in a professional format. No templates here, each resume is custom tailored. If you have an existing resume, upload it and we will re-create a custom one for you.

What can you promise that no one else can?

We offer 100% satisfaction or money back and we are probably one of the least expensive services for a custom resume from a CPRW for $49.

When did you launch the business and why?

Launched in June 2011, site was under previous ownership since Sept 2010. It was a great opportunity to add on an additional service to our suite of online recruitment tools.

Why do you think you succeeded online when so many others failed during the last couple years of recession?

I have been in business since 2002. In early 2007 I saw the need to diversify my traditional staffing firm, so I started buying domain names in the industry and started my first job board. I like to think I have a crystal ball and saw the recession coming but it was just luck and timing.

I started building my first job board, in mid 2007. I had 10 years in the accounting recruitment industry so I think I had an advantage in my niche. I just work hard and I am very disciplined. When you have been a recruiter on commission for nearly 15 years you learn to work efficiently.

What questions do you ask yourself that help guide your choices about what directions to pursue or avoid in business?

Great question, I wish I knew. I have learned to rely on my gut as much as possible. I have never really had partners – only staff. I have had many sleepless nights wondering if I made the right choices on certain business deals. At the end of the day, trust your gut, listen to your inner voice. You can’t be afraid to make decisions and once you make it, go full steam ahead and don’t look back. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being an entrepreneur.

Who do you consider to be your competitors?

Too many

What do you hate about the online recruiting industry?

Lack of true applicant tracking. Not much else, I love this business.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

Freedom, creativity. Every day is a new adventure. The ability to scale my business around the world from my desktop.

Has anything you’ve tried failed?

Yes. I’d rather not say what.

What industry changes do you see coming?

Continued innovation and improvement in software both job boards software and ATS. SEO for job boards is changing every day, some good, some not so good.

What websites do you visit everyday besides your own?

My Yahoo page is filled with 30 RSS feeds from jobboarders, onlinerecruitingnews,, recruitingblogs, local news, newyorktimes, latimes, SEO sites, domainer sites,, yahoo sports. Also actively participate on linkedin, matt cutts, webmasterworld and a few more.

What advice would you give an aspiring Internet entrepreneur?

It is hard hard work, but worth every bit of it. if you can make it work it is the best job available.

There’s a lot of talk about the decline of education in this country. Throw in lack of motivation and sense of entitlement, and you can see why hiring is difficult now.  What have you noticed that they don’t teach in school that you look for when you’re recruiting? What nonindustry related skills are you teaching in your office?

Haven’t placed anyone in 2 years. And I am happy about that. I recruited through 2 previous recessions and from my perspective the entitlement came from a shortage in candidates not lack of teaching in schools. I was placing experienced accountants and they all became entitled when the demand was high and supply low. The shoe has dropped and candidates are less entitled now.

Thanks Todd and best wishes with the new business!


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