Twitter job board launches fraud protection device

TweetMyJOBS, a Twitter job board and social media recruiting solution, has launched a fraud protection device called SafeTweet to ensure the validity and security of URL’s in online job postings.

The job board says it felt the need to protect its tweets because of the rise of Internet scams and fraudulent postings used to trick vulnerable job seekers into giving out private information. SafeTweet minimizes these risks by validating the origination of embedded URL’s.

All verified job postings tweeted by TweetMyJOBS will now contain the following signature: “… via SafeTweet by TweetMyJOBS.” With this seal appended, the job seeker knows that each hyperlink is the actual landing page to the job posting and not a spammer, scammer, or phishing link.

“In recent months, identity thieves have used job boards to steal personal information – and a common tactic involves sending emails offering employment to job seekers,” said Gary Zukowski, founder of TweetMyJOBS. “TweetMyJOBS is taking the lead to help protect online job seekers and brands from such attacks. By validating and confirming the source of a job posting, and using a special set of security credentials, we’re not only protecting our customers’ brands, but looking out for the job seeker who could very easily fall victim to virus and scams.”

Zukowski added, “Brand integrity is very important for all of our customers – from the Fortune 100 companies we work with, to the emerging small-to-medium businesses. Online job postings have become a major tool for recruiting and promoting a brand, and we’re committed to helping companies tackle this new medium safely and securely.”

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  • Linda September 7, 2010, 8:50 pm

    If this works, then it will be awesome. Job boards need to go away.


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