Urban Interns launches new features

Urban Interns, an online marketplace that connects companies with people seeking part time jobs, internships and freelance positions, announced today that it is launching an improved website.

Co-founder Lauren Porat discussed the features in a press release. “Our new website provides business owners with an even better way to find part-time help, interns and freelancers,” she said. “New features include social media sharing, employer profiles, video profiles and streamlined account dashboards. We’re continuing to roll out new features in the coming weeks.”

In addition, the New York-based company has rolled out sites in other cities, including Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago.

Urban Interns also reports a 50 percent rise in social media internships, part-time jobs and freelance positions posted on the site over the last six months. “While the positions posted on Urban Interns run the gamut, social media is an area where business owners are constantly in need of help,” said co-Founder Cari Sommer. “We expect to see this number continue to grow in the coming months, especially as we continue to expand throughout the country.”


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