SkillSurvey, Inc., a provider of Web 2.0 reference-assessment solutions, said today it is opening up its API to allow its reference-checking software to be integrated with applicant tracking systems.

SkillSurvey is the company behind Pre-Hire 360, a complete online reference-checking and screening solution. It’s already used by companies like Taleo and HealthcareSource.

When a company utilizing Pre-Hire 360 begins the onboarding process, recruiters are able to include background screening within the workflow process with just a few mouse clicks.

Pre-Hire 360 uses an automated screening process that delivers behavioral surveys via email. Managers, peers, and subordinates are able to give confidential assessments of the candidate’s past performance at work.

All contributors to the multi-dimensional assessment are released from legal liability.

Once integrated into an ATS, recruiters using Pre-Hire 360 log in only once, avoid double-entry for candidate information, and work within one system. The integration can be set-up so that recruiters never need to leave their base ATS or background screening platform to access Pre-Hire 360 information and capabilities, the company said in a news release.

“Our solutions have already been supporting API integrations and we are now opening-up our technology to meet increasing customer demand,” said Ray Bixler, president and chief executive officer, SkillSurvey. “We’re looking forward to working with our clients and partners on many more integrations, all of which will dramatically improve their hiring efficiency and quality-of-hire.”


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