Your own personal career counselor launches, a job site that is calling itself “your own personal career counselor,” has launched publicly today.

The platform is primarily for entry-level and mid-level professionals who want to map out their next career move. Job seekers log on to the site and answer a host of interactive questions to create a customized career profile. The profile is built on the user’s strengths, values, what gives them meaning and purpose in life, what interests them and what they find fulfilling.

A press release reveals that the main target audience is college students.

“Many students have trouble choosing a career path after graduating. Careerology gives them knowledge about themselves, presented in a new way that will help point them to a clearer path,” said Gordon Neufeld, a career coach who invented the site.

Neufeld said the concept of the site came from over a decade spent in career coaching. “The benefit to our members is a much clearer idea of the types of skills and opportunities they should be looking at when choosing a career,” he said.

The service is monetized through yearly subscriptions costing $24.95. This gives members access to their profile and the ability to update skills and revise or redo any exercise.

“With Careerology’s guided thinking approach career seekers end up with a much clearer idea of the type of job they should be getting,” said Neufeld. “After working through the exercises to build the career profile you have a much greater understanding of your strengths, goals and non-negotiables going into the career or job finding experience.”

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