ZoomInterviews debuts site for job seekers, a provider of interview and career preparation products, announced today it has launched a job prep site especially for job seekers. provides job seekers with ways for interview preparation, combined with a social networking twist.

According to a news release, ZoomInterviews will offer FAQ videos, specialized video packages for new grads, applicants in a career transition, and military veterans.

“The Zoom Job suite of video preparation packages was developed by professional interview coaches and career experts who have helped business professionals compete for some of the most coveted jobs in the world,” says Stefanie Parks, Marketing Director for ZoomInterviews. “People use social networks to seek out others for help in different parts of their lives. With Zoom Job, users will have a forum to practice what they have learned through the program with each other. This is an unparalleled learning tool for professionals, one that will significantly raise their preparedness for interviews in what is still a very difficult job market.”

Users can also access ZoomNotebook, where they can create, store and share their answers to interview questions with others, as well as find and connect with practice partners for mock interviews. This feature enables job seekers to tap into the power of social connects to help with the job prep process.

The job site is the latest release from the same company that created Zoom MBA and Zoom Medical, both niche platforms.


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